Azpilicueta: Real Madrid in pole position for Hazard

Azpilicueta: Real Madrid in pole position for Hazard’s transfer

The summer transfer window is in full swing, and the main transfer news of the season is the arrival of Hazard from Chelsea. The Belgian has been one of the main stars of the French capital club, and is one of only two players who have scored 100 goals in a season.
The player has been in Madrid for over a year, and it is clear that he is a key player for the team. The team is in the middle of the standings, but it is still possible to catch up with the leaders.
Real Madrid is in pole-position for the title, and its rivals are not able to compete with the Royal Club. The main contenders for the victory are Barcelona, Atletico and Atletico Madrid. The latter is in a good shape, and even if it is not the strongest of the teams, it is able to fight for the position of the leaders, and can do it even without the participation of Cristiano Ronaldo.

The main problem for Real is the fact that it is in transition, and not all players are in the best shape. The fans are expecting a lot from the team, and they are not going to give up on the goal of winning the Champions League.
However, the main thing is that the team will be able to achieve the desired result, and will not be in the position to compete for the main trophy of the Old Continent.
Who will be the main contenders in the fight for gold medals?
The first round of the Champions’ League showed that Real is not in the strongest shape, but the team is still able to win the tournament. The rivals of the Royal club are not in a better condition, and their chances of winning are not so high.
Barcelona is in an even worse condition, because the Catalans have been in the Champions’ League for a long time, and have a good squad. The first round was not very convincing for the club, but in the future, the team can be considered as a contender for the gold medals.
It is worth noting that the Champions Cup is a tournament of the strongest clubs, and Real Madrid is one among them. The Royal Club has a good chance to win gold medals, and if the team continues to improve its position in the standings in the next rounds, it can be a real contender for winning the coveted trophy.
All the latest news on the Spanish La Liga
The season of the Spanish championship is in its last stage, and now it is time to take a look at the results of the fight of the contenders for gold. The struggle for the champion title is not going well for Barcelona, who are in a bad shape, as well as for Atletico, who is in great shape.
In the first round, the Catalonians were not able not to lose points, but they have not yet been able to demonstrate their full potential. The club’ s failure in the tournament was due to the fact the players were not ready for the fight, and as a result, they were not in their best shape for the whole tournament.
Atletico is in even worse shape, because it has a strong squad, and a good coach. The Spanish team is not able yet to demonstrate its full potential, and this is the main reason for the failure of the team in the championship.
Despite the fact, that the club is in good shape and is able not only to fight against the Catalonian team, but also to achieve a good result.
What are the main factors of success of Atletico?
At the start of the new season, the results were not so good for the Spanish team. However, the situation has changed, and in the first rounds, the club was able to show its full strength.
One of the reasons of the success of the club in the season was the participation in the Europa League. The players of the Blau Granas were able to play in the top club tournament, and after the first matches, it was clear that the players are ready to fight in the main European tournament. This is the most important factor of success for the Atletico.
Another reason of the victory of the squad was the fact it is a young team, which is able in the long run to achieve good results. The last season was a failure for the squad, but this time, it has everything it needs to achieve its goals.
This summer, the players have been given a good opportunity to improve their performance, and to be able not just to fight, but to win. The results of this tournament will be very important for the future of the players, and for the results in the Spanish league.
Fans’ opinions on the transfer of Neymar
The Brazilian Neymar has become a main star of the Parisian club, which has already won the French championship. The player has already scored 100 points in a single season, and he has already managed to score a goal in each of the first five games of the current season. The Brazilian has already become a real star, and his transfer to the Parisians was a real coup.
Neymar has already attracted a lot of attention, and fans are waiting for the arrival in the team of Cristian Pavon, who has already distinguished himself in the national team.
There are several reasons for the success that Neymar is having.

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