Arsenal’s first XI vs Leicester revealed by Wenger

Arsenal have been one of the main contenders for the Premier League title for many seasons now. However, the Gunners have been gradually losing ground to their rivals.
The main rival of Arsenal is Leicester, who is also one of England’s main football stars. The team of Arsene Wenger is quite capable of defeating the Foxes. The main problem for the Gunner’ is the fact that they have not been able to show their full power for a long time.

The team of Wenger has a very balanced squad, which can play in any situation. The coach uses this fact to his advantage and makes the most of each opportunity. The players are able to find their game in the middle of the field, which is quite unusual for the top teams.
Arsenal’ squad is quite balanced, which allows the team to play in different formations. The most popular one is the 4-3-3, which has been used by the Gunni for a couple of seasons now, and it is quite effective. The Gunners are able not only to win, but also to score a lot of goals.
However, the team of the Frenchman has a serious problem. The lack of a proper goalkeeper is one of them. The position of the player is quite important, as it can prevent the goals from the opponent.
Despite the fact the Gunnarsson’ has a good goalkeeper, the position of him is not the best. The goalkeeper is able to make a save from a number of players, but he can not save the ball from the opponents.
In such a situation, the goalkeeper is needed not only for the defense, but for the attack as well. This is why the Gunns have not managed to win the title for a number years.
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Leicester’ in the Premier league table
The Foxes are quite capable to defeat the Gunnars, as they have a good lineup. However the problem for them is the lack of motivation. The Foxes have not won the title since 2007.
They are quite confident, as the team has a great coach. However he has not been doing a good job for the team, as he has been not able to motivate his players.
Many of the players are not able even to train, as their contracts are not renewed. The situation is quite serious, as many of the leaders of the team are still under contract.
At the moment, the Foxe’ are the second-strongest team in the league table, which means that they can easily take the lead in the standings. However they need to improve their game significantly.
Wenger’ s squad has a lot to do, as there is still a long way to go. The club needs to improve the defense and to find a good striker.
Main rival of Leicester in the EPL table
Leicestershire’ have a long history in the English Premier League. The previous season, the club was quite strong, but in the next season it was not able win the championship.
This is the main problem of the club. The management of the Fox team has not done a good enough job in the transfer market. The squad of the Leicester is quite good, but the main star of the squad is the goalkeeper.
Due to this, the goalkeepers have to be replaced. The problem is that the Fox’ management does not have enough money to buy a new goalkeeper. The cost of this is quite high, so the club is forced to sell the goalkeeper in the market.
It is quite possible that the club will not be able to buy another goalkeeper, so it will have to sell a good player. This will allow the club to buy an experienced goalkeeper, who will be able not to miss any opportunity of scoring goals. The player will be a good replacement for the goalkeeper, and will be an important part of the defense.
If the club does not find a suitable replacement for a goalkeeper, then the team will have a serious struggle for the title.
Team’ matches of Arsenal
Arsenal is quite a strong team, but it has a long list of rivals. The current season has already shown that the Gunnery is not able yet to win a title, as a lot will depend on the results of the next match.
One of the most serious problems of the Gunney is the goalkeeping position. The number of goals scored by the team is quite low, which makes it quite difficult to win gold medals.
Another problem of Arsenal’ players is the poor defense. The defense of the Arsenal is quite weak, and this is one reason why the team lost a lot in the previous season.
As for the attacking players of the EFL Championship, the Arsenal have a very good lineup, which gives the team a chance to win. The attacking players are quite able to score goals, but they have to do it in the right time. This can be done by using the tactics of the coach.
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