Arsenal vs Ludogorets Betting Tips and Preview

The main football tournament of the year is about to start. This season, the fight for the title is very intense and interesting. The main favorites are Barcelona and Real Madrid.
At the moment, the main contenders for victory are:
* Manchester City;
* Liverpool;
• Arsenal;
The team of Guardiola is already considered the main favorite. The club of Unai Emery is also a contender for the victory. However, the Spaniard is not the only one who can give the team a chance to win.
The match between the teams is scheduled for the first of May. The winner will get the title. The second place is quite possible, too.

The upcoming season will be very interesting, because the main favorites of the fight are the teams that have won it before. The struggle for the champion title is always very intense.
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Ludogoreta Betting Odds
The first matches of this season of the Premier League are already starting. The fight for gold medals is very intensive and interesting, too, because of the number of teams.
In the first rounds, the teams were quite equal. However in the last rounds, Liverpool and Manchester City were able to take the lead. The team of Una Emery, who is also considered a contender, was not able to repeat the performance of the previous season.
It is clear that the team of Jurgen Klopp is the main contender for gold. The German coach has already won the champion’s title. However he is not able yet to win the title of the best coach.
However, the team is still the favorite of the whole tournament. The following teams can be considered the rivals of Liverpool:
1. Chelsea;
2. Manchester United;
3. Arsenal; and
4. Tottenham.
All the teams have a chance of winning the title, but the chances of winning are higher for the team from Liverpool.
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Barca vs Manchester City
The previous season, Manchester City was the main rival of the team that won the title – Barcelona. However the team did not have the best results. In the first matches, the Citizens were not able take the first place.
This season, it is clear, that the Citizens are the main competitors of the Catalans. However they have a lot of problems. The most important of them is the lack of motivation.
Despite the fact that the City has won the Champions League, the fans of the club are not satisfied with the results. They are not happy with the fact, that Guardiola does not play the best football. The players of the Citizens have not yet recovered from the loss of the title in the previous year.
As a result, the club is not in a good shape. The current season is very important for the club. The first matches are very important, because they will decide the fate of the champion’s title.
Manchester City has a good chance of victory, because it is the only team that has won it twice. However it is also clear that it is not enough. The next season, Guardiola will have to show his best game.
If the team wins, it will be the first time in the club’s history, when it will win the champion trophy.
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The new season of Manchester City starts. The fans of Guardiola’s team expect a lot from the coach. The previous season was very successful for the players of Guardiola’. They won the Premier championship.
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Liverpool vs Chelsea
The fight for victory in the fight of the champions is very tense. The teams are very strong and have a good number of players. Liverpool is the favorite, because its players are in excellent shape.
Chelsea is not so strong. The Blues have a number of problems, too – the main one is the injury of Eden Hazard. The Belgian is not playing well, and the team does not have a great chance of the victory in this season. However this season, Liverpool is stronger than the Blues.
Thus, the season of 2019/2020 will be really interesting, but not for the fans from the Premier division.
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Main Favorites of the Season
The season 2019/20 will be extremely interesting. There are a lot to choose from, because there are a number teams that are ready to fight for a place in the Champions league zone.
Among the main candidates for the win are: Barcelona, Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, and Liverpool. However there are also other teams that can give their team a real chance to become the champion.

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