Atletico Madrid are interested in Gelson Martins

Atletico Madrid are interested in Gelson Martins, but the player is not in the first line of the team’s transfer list. The club’ s transfer policy is quite simple: only the most important players are bought.

The club has been trying to sign the Portuguese midfielder for several years, but failed to do so. The player is a specialist in the middle of the field, and his skills are not enough for the team. The main problem is the lack of motivation of the player.
The player has already been on the list of the main transfer targets of the club. The transfer fee is estimated at 100 million euros. The cost of the acquisition of the midfielder is too high for the club, but it is not the first time that the club has tried to buy a specialist.
In the summer, the club will have to decide whether to buy the player or not. The team is quite confident that it will be able to sign him, because it has already managed to get a number of important players. The most important of them are:
* Lionel Messi;
* Sergio Busquets;
• Sergio Ramos.
It is important to note that the team has already signed a number players from the first three positions.
Messi is the main player of the Argentinean national team. He has already scored a lot of goals, but he is not able to achieve the desired results. The Portuguese player is quite motivated to play for the Argentine team.
If the club does not buy the midfielder, it will have a difficult time in the future, because the team will be quite strong without him. The players of the first team are quite confident about the future of the Portuguese player. The Argentinean player is already a good example of the effectiveness of the transfer policy of the Spanish team. It has managed to sign a number football stars, which is quite unusual.
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Main Transfer Targets of the Club
The main transfer target of the Madrid club is the Portuguese defender, who is able to play on the left side of the defense. The price of the purchase of the defender is estimated to be 100 million.
This is a high price for a defender, but there are many clubs in the world that can afford to pay such a high amount. The defender is a good player, who can play in the center of the defensive line. The Spanish club is quite interested in signing the player, because they need a defender to play in a number 4 position.
There is a lot that the player can do in the Spanish championship. The Madrid club has already bought a number defender, and they are confident about signing one more. The acquisition of this player will allow the club to strengthen the defense, and it will allow it to achieve a lot.
However, the main problem of the new acquisition is motivation. The new acquisition has not yet managed to show the desired level of performance, and the club is not sure if the player will be ready to play at the top level.
Atletico’S Transfer Policy
The Spanish club has a quite simple transfer policy. The only important thing is the acquisition a number player. This is quite important for the Spanish club, because there are a lot players who can be used in the number 4 or 5 position. The advantage of this policy is that the cost of acquisition is low.
One of the most interesting players of Atletico is the midfielder. The problem of this acquisition is that he is a very expensive player. Atletico can afford this, because this player is very important for their team. At the moment, the player has not managed to demonstrate the desired performance level, and he is still young.
Another problem of Atletos’ acquisition policy is the level of motivation. This player is important for his team, but this is not enough to achieve results.
After the failure of the previous transfer policy, the Spanish football team is now quite confident in its transfer policy and is ready to buy. The first acquisitions will be important for Atletico, because their main goal is to win the Champions League.
Will the club buy Gelson Martinez?
The team has been quite active in the transfer market for several seasons, and this is a sign of the desire to win. The current season is very successful for the Madrid team, and if they can win the champion title, they will be very confident in the long run.
They have already managed a number successes in the current season, and now they are trying to win a number 2 position. This position is quite difficult, because in the previous season the team was quite successful in it.
Many people consider that the current team is not as good as the previous one, but they are quite sure that the Madrid players will be the main favorites of the tournament. The squad of the current club is very strong, and there is no doubt that it can win a lot in the next season.
Among the main transfers of the season, there are several important transfers. The following players are the most talked about:
1. GelsonMartins.
2. Sergio Ramos;
3. Alvaro Morata;
4. Diego Costa;
5. Alexis Sanchez.
All these players are important for a successful season.

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